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The Remmert Method

Certified practioner in The Remmert Method. Discover how this can help you.

Emotional Fitness Training

Imagine taking control of your brain – your feelings, emotions, perceptions and world view.

Goal Setting

Strategic decisions & better decision making

Relationship Coaching

Communicate more effectively and improve levels of tolerance and understanding

Life Coaching

Techniques, tools and skills to keep you on track

Career Coaching

Enabling problem-solving, better decisions and effective judgements

What I Can Help With

  • Are you fed up and exhausted by your ‘programmes’, ‘patterns’ ‘triggers’ and ‘references’?
  • Are you ready to realign your life with a positive and empowering ‘narrative’?
  • Are you ready to move out of the ‘illusion’ and into your true nature?
  • Are you ready to take ownership of your feelings and emotions?
  • Are you ready to discover your true voice and power?

By using techniques and knowledge based on the latest neuroscience I can help you handle anything coming your way and discover ‘happiness’ and ‘contentment’ along the path.

What is The Process Like?

Think of the Process as like driving a car; you will be setting a new GPS and steering in that direction….. to where, what and how you want your life to be WITH YOU IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT – HOLDING THE STEERING WHEEL.
By Understanding what’s under the bonnet (‘hood’ for our American community) you learn how to control your own brain chemistry. Next by changing childhood memories you change the data which produces the references producing thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviours which take you off-track and divert you away from your chosen route. Finally you learn about the specific tools and techniques to keep you on track. The end result is a new outlook, a new perspective and a new mindset from which you engage with an in the world in a new, dynamic and empowered way.

Pillar One

Learning To Drive – Understanding and learning how to control you brain and body chemistry

Pillar Two

Changing the GPS – Childhood memory transformation

Pillar Three
How to stay on the road as we experience detours and distractions eg storms.
Pillar Four
Rest and repair stops – flat tyres or mechanical services – techniques and tools to help maintain you on your journey.
Emotional Fitness Training

Imagine taking control of your brain – your feelings, emotions, perceptions and world view; imagine how you would engage with the world around you to achieve the life you want.

Changing your brain and body chemistry is the key ,and this is the work I do – I will use and teach you tools and techniques to put YOU in charge of your brain – to make you the boss of you.

You will experience life in a new way, which feels ‘opposite, positive and empowering’ and in which all feels possible and achievable.

Life Coaching
The Method I use takes Life-Coaching to a new level. It uses cutting-edge techniques based on current knowledge of how the mind (neuroscience) and body work.

So whatever brings you to life coaching – a specific ‘problem’ such as work, weight, money, relationship, smoking – or you are looking for more direction and meaning and success in your life, they all relate to how we FEEL about ourselves in our lives.

The key word is FEEL – emotions and feelings are determined by references established in childhood – those adverse memories and how they were processed which result in us feeling bad about ourselves TODAY.

The tools I use will get you feeling good about how and who you are in your life NOW. From this new homeostasis your life and situations will look different – you will gain a new world view in which possibilities, paths and opportunities will be clear and possible!

Goal Setting

The effects of getting into a positive emotional state produces ‘feel good’ chemicals – endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine. This brings your body into peak state and where the pre-frontal cortex of the brain is fully on-line. You will become more strategic, clearer thinking, better at problem solving and absorbing and processing information and able to make decisions quickly.

The perfect place to plan and set goals!. ….The brain and body feels good as a ‘default’ and a place where ‘executive functions’ take place naturally and creatively.

Relationship Coaching

How do we communicate more effectively and with tolerance, understanding and awareness of the other’s perspective? By working on the relationship with ourselves – our own triggers, patterns and programmes – to discover the childhood references and data which determine our current behaviours. I will teach you how to create an environment of self love, worthiness and respect – from this is the empowered place, engagement with others becomes a place of discovery, interest and harmony – qualities necessary in our work, social as well as intimate relationships.

Career Coaching

You may be faced with considering career pathways or change, looking for greater flexibility or self-employment options, or interview preparation. What you may ‘feel’ is lack of clarity, a sense of ‘poor’ judgement and problem-solving…. No inspiration!

By exploring those ‘feelings’ and identifying their source in childhood you will be supported to replace old data with new empowering references which support where you are in life NOW.

This mind re-setting brings oxygen to the pre-frontal cortex, where ‘executive functions’ take place – our cognitive thinking comes back on line and we see solutions and options. A the same time feel goo chemicals – endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, etc which keep the mind and body in a peak state of healing and energy are released. When the mind and body work together in this way it is in its optimum state to engage with the excitement of exploring these questions productively and from a creative perspective which sees solutions and outcomes.

The Remmert Method

The Remmert Method is based on current knowledge and research of scientists and neuroscientists, particularly drawing on studies of memory reconsolidation – “memory editing” and in false memories.
Changing memories is based on a relatively new area of study in neuroscience and may seem unfamiliar due to it being a new area of research.

Odille and Steve Remmert’s own roots are in life coaching and psychotherapy – they have taken their learning about the effects of negative childhood memories (ACE’s – ‘Adverse Childhood Memories’) on the adult and how brain chemistry is created and memory reconsolidation is impacted and through experimentation have changed their own negative childhood memories. They have since been helping their clients to experience the same transformational change.

They have set up the FTSR Accademy (Fitness Training Subconscious Reprogramming) and offer a range of courses and challenges as well as a weekly programme of live daily Zoom sessions – Fitness Training From Your Couch.

Coaching Packages

Initial Call

Complimentary 30 minutes


Follow Up Session



Non Refundable


3 Sessions £150 or 6 Sessions £280

£150 ~ £280

Non Refundable. All bundle sessions must be taken within 3 months. 

About Me

As a young adult, I undertook teacher training and was fascinated by the theories and science of child development and psychology. This interested was enriched by observing my own children grow and develop from tiny infants into adults, noting their personalities and the patterns and programmes which appeared to have been passed on generationally.

As my life progressed I was actively engaged in my own psychological journey, and over time pursued many paths and disciplines from spirituality to counselling and more recently, life coaching.

In 2017 I came across Robert Gene Smith’s Eutaptics methodology and gained much from his insights, particularly within the spheres of hypnosis and neuroplasticity. But it was in 2018 when I met Odille and Steve Remmert and began listening to and watching them explain and use their technique of Emotional State Conditioning (ESC) that the final pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ began to fall into place for me.

This methodology combines knowledge of individual behaviour patterns, conditioning, references and triggers with current knowledge of neuroscience, particularly how the mind ‘wires and fires’. And there is one further key element of their approach which returns me to my original interest and passion, that is the ‘child perspective’.

How this is captured in early childhood memories which then impacts on our current state of perceived ‘happiness’ and emotional state is a foundational aspect of their teaching.

Training as a Practitioner in the Remmert Method has been a most fascinating and mind extending experience and has provided me with a range of skills, knowledge and techniques which I am excited to share with others on their personal journey.


“Chris has a wonderful intuition and her skilful, light-hearted approach makes each session both fun and insightful.”


“Sunday went even better than I expected! You managed to get me talking quite a bit: no mean feat. I think you have the supernatural gift of encouragement by the way. I just went through the recording and noticed you were very quick to pick up things I said and reflect them back to me.

I’ve been doing the exercises 3 times a day and have seen quite a bit of change re mindset…So I feel I’m making progress.  Generally I feel that teasing out these few knotted memories has had a sort of domino effect on my mindset that I didn’t expect, and it’s a good feeling!

Thanks for your help Chris and keep up the good work!”


“Chris, Thank you for walking with me and showing me the magic of my mind. I am grateful for your insight and all your superpowers. My previous challenges certainly highlighted your talents and
patience. Our power sessions safely transported me to the generous present moment”


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