About Me


As a young adult, I undertook teacher training and was fascinated by the theories and science of child development and psychology.   This interested was enriched by observing my own children grow and develop from tiny infants into adults, noting their personalities and the patterns and programmes which appeared to have been passed on generationally.

As my life progressed I was actively engaged in my own psychological journey,  and over time pursued many paths and disciplines from spirituality to counselling and more recently, life coaching.

In 2017 I came across Robert Gene Smith’s Eutaptics methodology and gained much from his insights, particularly within the spheres of hypnosis and neuroplasticity.   But it was in 2018 when  I met Odille and Steve Remmert and began listening to and watching them explain and use their technique of Emotional State Conditioning (ESC) that the final pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ began to fall into place for me.  


This methodology combines knowledge of individual behaviour patterns, conditioning, references and triggers with current knowledge of neuroscience, particularly how the mind ‘wires and fires’.   And there is one further key element of their approach which returns me to my original interest and passion, that is the 'child perspective'.  


How this is captured in early childhood memories which then impacts on our current state of perceived ‘happiness’ and emotional state is a foundational aspect of their teaching.

Training as a Practitioner in the Remmert Method has been a most fascinating and mind extending experience and has provided me with a range of skills, knowledge and techniques which I am excited to share with others on their personal journey.

You will be equipped with a ‘toolkit’ for life which cannot fail – our own inner ‘Superpower’ of Unconditional Love.