If it's 'Health' causing you worry or concern……
Check out where you're holding any resistance to forgiveness…….it maybe towards your 'ex', your partner, your boss, the person who 'cut you up' when driving to work, a politician, a world leader (topical concerns). 
Forgiveness changes your own brain-body chemistry AND lowers the risk of heart attack; improves cholesterol levels and sleep; reduces pain, blood pressure, and levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on It

) – Hopkins Medicine.org

The fear is that 'I'm condoning', or by forgiving it may happen again…..or it may make you weaker…
it has nothing to do with anyone else, so it doesn't mean you're 'agreeing', 'condoning', or 'falling into the same trap/situation again'.
it applies to 'self-forgiveness' too – because we know that it's nothing to do with what YOU DID or DIDN'T do ……. wer're always doing out best and any point in time with the tools and 'references' we hold (from childhood).
I can help you change those childhood references and you will no longer find forgiveness and struggle – it will flow easily and naturally.
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