Today’s Tip is EASY and FUN !!! Yey!! – psychologists and teachers know that the best and most lasting learning or adaptation, occurs when it’s simple and has the additional dopamine hit of excitement, pleasure and joy.

Its’ called … HOW MUCH DO I LOVE MYSELF – aka ‘what can I do today to prove how much I love myself?’…… and even better, how many of those can I do BEFORE 7am! (if like me you’re an early riser ….. ) eg brushed my teeth and put toothbrush on charge (how often is that neglected).

Putting on hand cream – done intentionally this becomes a message of self love…..

Playing your favourite music on the way to work…… a clear message about ‘spending fun time with me’ … and for those ‘hybrid’ workers (ie working from home days) dancing around the kitchen to it… regularly.

THE TECHNICAL STUFF:- intentionally doing fun, ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ acts for ourselves , no matter how small, CHANGES OUR BRAIN CHEMISTRY by making neurons fire differently to create new (or engage with previously dormant and un-activated) networks. (’Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain’ – Psychologist and Neuroscientist Prof Lisa Feldman Barrett – 2020.